The Web-based application found on this site has been designed for exploring algorithms in an interdisciplinary environment. The Web site contains interactive tools, which provide a unique learning experience for users, regardless of their musical training. Students of music composition can explore algorithmic composition, while others can create musical representations of models for the purpose of aural interpretation and analysis. Here, the algorithmic process is used in a creative context so that users can convert sequences of numbers into sounds. For example, the Web-based application at this site can provide aural representations of Pi, DNA sequences, or Dow Jones Industrial averages. This learning environment allows users a hands-on approach to creating music by means of conceptualization.

This Web site was created at the direction of Dr. Jonathan Middleton with assistance from a superb team of programmers: Andrew Cobb, Michael Henry, Robert Lyon, and Ian Siemer.

This project was funded by the generous support of the Northwest Academic Computing Consortium (NWACC).

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