The following compositions were created using the musicalgorithms application at this Web site.

Jonathan Middleton, composer

"Dreaming Among Thermal Pools and Concentric Spirals" by Jonathan Middleton on the CD recording "Soak: A Marriage of Cello and Bassoon" purchased through iTunes or cdbaby.

"Redwoods Symphony" is available on ERM Media Masterworks of the New Era, vol. 11 performed by the Czech Philharmonic under the direction of Robert Winstin. The primary themes in the opening passage were constructed from Redwood DNA. You can hear these themes in the xylophone and tubular bells. New Era Vol. 11

  • Redwoods Symphony (excerpt) Stream RealPlayer

  • Redwoods Symphony Excerpt MP3

    "Golden Streams: Ready-made No. 1"
    Decimal Expansion of The Golden Mean (Phi) in several voices

  • Golden Streams (without drums) Stream RealPlayer

  • Golden Streams (with drum tracks) Stream RealPlayer

  • Golden Streams MP4 version with drums

  • Golden Streams MP4 without drums

    "Heat Shock" was created from the DNA of a heat shock protein and the bull trout. "Squares" is written for marimba from a series of squared numbers.

  • Squares Stream RealPlayer

  • Heat Shock Stream RealPlayer

    The following are compositions by student composers:

    Varaia Packer

  • Escher Stream RealPlayer

  • Escher MP3

  • Ides of March MP3

  • Pi MP3

  • December for Marimba (based on star chart coordinates) MP3

  • Monkey DNA MP3

  • October Sky MP3

    Mark Branscom

  • Pascals Rave Stream RealPlayer

  • Pascal's Rave MP3

  • Pi Diminished Stream RealPlayer

  • Pi Diminished MP3

    For further information, please contact Dr. Middleton via email at jmiddletò When sending email to this address remove the accent.

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