Composing Music

Once you've derived the pitch and duration values of the notes from the algorithm output values, you can choose to play your composition or to notate it.

To listen to the music formed by the notes, click the Play button. A MIDI player will open that allows you to examine your creation both aurally and visually. The player has several controls, letting you change the volume, tempo, and MIDI instrument for the playback. You can also step through each note, pause playback, or skip to any part of the composition. As notes are played, they are highlighted on a piano keyboard as well as in numeric pitch and duration sequences.

To see the composition in sheet-music form, click the Notate button. Another page will open which will display the notes as you might see them on standard staff paper. Be aware that what you see is not a full-featured music score, since there is no notion of meter, tempo, or other musical elements in the composition.

Problems with the MIDI player loading?

If you click the Play button and see nothing, you may need to download a Java plug-in for your browser. This may be obtained by following the appropriate link:

Windows users
Sun Microsystems' Java Software

Macintosh users
Apple's Java Internet Plug-in

If the speed of your internet connection is not fast, the download of the plug-in could take a little while. However, it is highly recommended that you do download the plug-in, not only so that you can use the MIDI player here, but also so you can access the thousands of other web pages on the internet that also require the Java plug-in. The plug-in is an important utility your computer should not be without.

Please note that the appearance and functionality of the MIDI player, as well as these web pages, may vary slightly across different browsers. Some browsers may render MusicAlgorithms content in a way that was not intended by its developers. For the best possible experience, it is recommended that you use the latest version of Internet Explorer if you are a Windows user, or the latest version of Safari if you are a Macintosh user. These browsers are typically obtained through the update feature of your appropriate operating system.