Pitch Normalization

In order to compose music, raw values output by the algorithm need to be adjusted, or "normalized", so that they can be interpreted as music notes. The purpose of this step is to convert each raw value into the pitch of a note. This is required because pitch values correspond to the keys of a piano and are limited to a range of 0 to 88, whereas this is not necessarily true of the values output by the algorithm.

To your right, you will see two boxes: "ALGORITHM OUTPUT VALUES" and "DERIVED PITCH VALUES". The top box will contain the raw values that the algorithm produces. The bottom box will contain the pitch values of the notes. You derive these values when you normalize the raw values through scaling (and possibly modification).

Once the output is normalized, each note's pitch will be represented by a value. This value may be at least 0 and at most 88. A value of 0 represents a rest (silence) rather than a pitch. A value of 1 specifies the pitch of the A0 piano key, and a value of 88 specifies the pitch of the C8 piano key.